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Modular homes

About the system

We build custom modular homes. The housing project is carried out with modules of up to 9 x 4 m, we build the house in the workshop and then it is taken to the land by truck with a crane. The modules have a tubular iron structure, with the Steel framing system for exterior enclosures and interior walls.

The most important work is carried out in the workshop without climatic effects, which reduces the time lost due to rain. Material waste, BPS input, and time are minimized. There are no extra costs for unforeseen work.

The modules are ready to be attached to the ground, their iron structure makes them easy to transport, the necessary tasks are carried out on the ground for the correct implementation.

The design options are endless at a functional and aesthetic level, as many modules as desired can be joined, eaves or sloping ceilings can be made to suit the client.

We have works to see in Maldonado. Check prices.

Modular MF Housing

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Which is the first step?

Scheduling an appointment with us is the first step towards the success of your project. Our team will provide you with personalized advice and solutions tailored to your goals. Share your ideas with us and together we will create a plan that meets your wishes, budget and deadlines.