5 Tips for interior design

5 Tips for interior design puppo Architects

1) Throw away everything you don't need. When there are many things in a space it is perceived as cluttered, we need more free space visually. There are many things we keep so we don't throw away that don't have to be there. You have to leave only what is useful, functional and with personality. More minimalism. This minimalist approach is not only reflected in the conscious elimination of superfluous elements, but also in the design. At Puppo Arquitectos, we understand the importance of minimalist design that, in addition to visually clearing the space, seeks harmony and functionality in every detail. We opt for a design that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also enhances the feeling of spaciousness and balance in your home.

2) Looking for indirect lighting in spaces can completely transform the atmosphere of your home. The magic of indirect light lies in its ability to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Today, we have a wide variety of lamps specifically designed to provide indirect lighting, allowing you to play with light distribution in a subtle and effective way. Additionally, exploring creative options in ceiling design can further enhance these effects. At Puppo Arquitectos, we understand the importance of lighting in interior design and we advise you to integrate lighting solutions that not only illuminate your spaces, but also create a visually attractive and comforting experience.

3) Choosing color ranges to design the space is an effective strategy to achieve visual and aesthetic coherence in your home. Careful selection of colors can make a difference in the perception of space. By following and combining certain pre-established colors, a visual harmony is established that influences the mood and the feeling of cohesion in the environment. Armchair cushions are presented as a versatile and easy-to-change resource to introduce touches of color and dynamism into the space. Reserving more neutral colors for more permanent elements, such as flooring, is a best practice for creating a timeless base. At Puppo Arquitectos, we provide you with guidance in choosing color palettes that align with your vision and style, ensuring a balanced and aesthetically pleasing interior design.

4) The warm and noble materials inside bring warmth and elegance to every corner of your home. Wood, with its natural grain and rich tones, creates a cozy atmosphere, while stone adds a touch of rusticity and durability. The careful choice of these materials is not only aesthetic, but also influences the overall feeling of comfort and well-being. At Puppo Arquitectos, we understand the importance of selecting materials that are not only visually attractive but also convey a feeling of home, turning your space into a personal refuge where every detail counts.

5) In the comprehensive process of composing the design of a home, it is essential to maintain a prominent consideration towards the interior design. Viewing from the inside to the outside becomes a crucial element for the harmony and functionality of the living space. This approach goes beyond simply selecting furniture and accessories; It involves a deep understanding of how the home interacts with its environment. Determining the ideal size of openings becomes essential when viewing the exterior landscape from the inside. Furthermore, the consideration of interior facades not only affects the entry of light, but also the visual connection with the exterior space. In this context, the light and the portion of the environment that is visualized from the interior become key elements for design planning. A practical example of this design philosophy is the possibility of choosing specific plant species to visually incorporate into the interior space, taking advantage of strategically located fixed glass. This approach not only adds an aesthetic component, but also contributes to the harmonious connection between the interior and exterior, creating a comprehensive and captivating living experience.

At Puppo Arquitectos, we recognize the importance of these principles in interior design and are committed to guiding each project towards an architectural synthesis where aesthetics, functionality and connection with the environment are masterfully intertwined.

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