5 project considerations to design your ideal home

5 project considerations to design your ideal home

1) The first thing to understand is that each piece of land has its particular characteristics such as orientation, dimensions, topography, vegetation, regulations, views, soil and others; Therefore, we recommend that you listen to the hired professional, the image from pinterest or another website is not always the best option.

2) Each project should be adapted to the lifestyle of the users, or better still the desired lifestyle. For this it is important to get to know each other between the architect and the user, to understand each other, to generate the most appropriate spaces. The spaces that are lived in for the longest amount of time should have the best places on the ground or allocate the greatest resources, the best orientations and visuals; because ultimately it is where we spend the most time. Sometimes these places are given to rooms that are used a few times a year.

3) Integrated social spaces link different parts of the family 

4) There are times when projects get complicated or intertwined, one has to think, what is the driving idea? o What are the most important premises to comply with the project?

5) From my point of view, we must give more value to the spaces where we spend more time, this means investing more in the space, giving it the best places on the ground and the best orientations. I have seen many projects or users who want to invest more in spaces that they use twice a year.

6) A practice that I find useful when evaluating the functionality of the project is to ask myself if the project adapts to the routine that the user wants to carry out, that is, when he gets up, where does he go first? When you get home from work, what is the first thing you do?

7) Spatial opening to the outside. The link to the outside is increasingly possible due to new advances in enclosures, in the thermal insulation capacity.

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