+ Housing Nello

We are pleased to share with our community this new architectural project that will soon take shape in the beautiful setting of La Residence, Punta del Este, Uruguay. Vivienda Nello represents a unique architectural fusion, combining the advantages of aerated concrete and steel framing to provide an exceptional space of 150 m2 surrounded by lush outdoor areas. At Puppo Arquitectos, we are proud to design this house with a sustainable and avant-garde approach. Aerated concrete provides durability and thermal insulation, while steel framing adds flexibility and efficiency in construction. The result will be a sophisticated and environmentally friendly residence, designed to adapt to the changing needs of its inhabitants. From the moment construction begins in September 2023, we will be sharing the construction process of this exciting project with all of you. Through our social networks, we want to show you how each idea and design detail is materialized. If this project inspires you and you dream of having a unique and sustainable home, schedule an appointment with us! Our team of experts is ready to listen to your ideas and needs, and transform them into an architectural reality that exceeds your expectations.

Area: 40 m2 + exterior

Made: to start construction in September 2023

Location: The Residence, Punta del Este

Type of construction: aerated concrete + steel framing