+ Housing SIP Golf

Description: It was built with the SIP construction system, it has a bedroom, a living room, kitchen, very practical and comfortable. It was done in a month and a half with 3 people. The SIP construction system is based on the on-site assembly by dry process of multilayer prefabricated thermo-insulating panels of variable thicknesses and lengths; so that in a few days the walls of the house and the structure are raised, giving way to the installation of the roof and the installations. It has the advantage of having several components of the construction system in a single panel, such as: thermal insulation, the structural part, electrical ducts; you just have to treat the joints, installations and finishes. In this way we achieve a home of excellent construction quality with a high degree of comfort, reducing construction times, waste and the general cost of the work.

Area: 40 m2 + 20 m2 outside

Made: November 2019

Location: Golf District, Punta del Este

Type of construction: SIP Panels