Never make these 5 mistakes when building your home

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1) Do not rush at the stage of the architecture project. It is a time when the ideas and options to be investigated by the professional to carry out the project need to go through certain stages, it is not convenient to develop a preliminary project rushed by time, allocating adequate time to the architecture project can be your best investment in A home that you will use for many years. The errors at this stage after starting the work are already almost impossible to change, the implementation cannot be modified once the work has started.

2) Do not start your home without visualizing the project with realistic images or virtual tours. Most ordinary people who are not used to reading plans do not imagine the materialization of the house, the spaces or the combination of these, when the project is underway it will be too late or the changes will be too expensive.

3) Do not minimize the power of the Sun. As much as the land has architectural tensions that indicate an opening to the South, you can always find a way to integrate the North Sun in winter, it is a key to creating a comfortable and bright home.  

4) Do not save on thermal conditioning. Thermally insulating materials are cheap in relation to others and saving on these will considerably reduce the comfort of your home in summer and winter, in addition the energy cost will be much higher.

5) The key to having an excellent constructive quality it is the workforce that builds it, giving it the corresponding value is very important. You will always find cheaper budgets than those who are not working, for a reason. As much as there is excellent work control, you have to trust that they know how to carry out the tasks and the details that each job gives.

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