5 aesthetic recommendations for your project

Decorative image used to set the mood
  • The details: Having a good detail first drawn to implement it on site is very important for it to look good.
  • The contrasts: They are resources that can be used to assess any architectural proposal, I fill it with the empty, light and dark, the vegetal and the artificial, the light and the shadow, the flown and what is born from the earth, among others.
  • The materials: In their natural state they enhance design and architecture. Try to avoid imitations of materials that always deteriorate the design. Seeking "honesty" in the materials used is a concept that enhances the quality of the work. The combination of materials, textures and colors is something that must be worked on from the first moment both inside and outside. Realistic images are very useful for this.
  • The order: Order increases the aesthetic value in any area of ​​the project. Already on the ground floor of the house you can see if the project is ordered, modulated, the different parts in their place and in harmony with the others. In the facades it is evident when the elements are placed in a studied way or randomly. order in interior design
  • Glass: The use of glass in large dimensions enhances the architecture, both inside and outside. The glass panels up to the ceiling improve the formal image. The total opening to a large well-designed garden increases the interior aesthetics. Current technology in current openings allows for these considerations without affecting interior comfort.

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