5 Tips for interior design

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1) Throw away everything you don't need. When there are many things in a space that is perceived as messy, we need more free space visually. There are many things that we keep so as not to throw away that do not have to be there. You have to leave only what is useful, functional and with personality. More minimalism.

2) Look for indirect lighting in the spaces. The atmosphere generated by indirect light is warmer, more welcoming. Currently there are various indirect lighting lamps, you can also play with the ceiling to cause these effects.

3) Choose color ranges to design the space, follow and combine certain pre-established colors and try not to go outside the proposed range. Armchair cushions are a great resource that are easy to change to use a more playful color in the space. We recommend the most neutral colors in elements that are already more difficult to change, such as floors.

4) The warm and noble materials in the interior bring warmth and

5) I believe that in the integral composition of the design of the home, it is necessary to keep the interior design very much in mind, so visualize from the inside what we see outside, what is the ideal opening size for that space seen from the inside, visualize the interior facades because so much light as the portion of exterior space that you visualize ends up being key to interior design. Thus, for example, you can choose a plant species that you want to visually incorporate into the interior space through fixed glass. 

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