5 modern trends in architecture you should know about

1) A multifunctional space. Having a multifunctional space in the home or other building program is a trend that has gained popularity since it offers the opportunity to adapt to different circumstances. For example, having a space in a home that can be used as a study, as a children's play area, or as a TV room or even adapted as a guest bedroom; it means that the house can be adapted according to the needs of the current moment without the need to build different rooms for each activity. You just have to provide the flexible space with the necessary facilities suitable for each use.

2) Every time more glass, bright spaces. The evolution of the capacities and qualities of both thermal and acoustic openings have allowed us to make projects more linked to the exterior, more luminous, without losing comfort conditions.

3) Sustainability in architecture. There are many decisions to make in a home that increase sustainability in the medium term, such as; choose the materials for the home's enclosures that save energy in heating, provide the most efficient heating installations, the orientation of the home for the different times of the year is fundamental, wastewater treatment for new uses, home automation installations that promote energy efficiency, use of solar energy, among others.

4) smart homes. Technological evolution strongly influences new home designs, incorporating home automation into homes becomes a fundamental installation for comfort, safety and also contributes to energy sustainability. In this way we can control the temperature of the house with our cell phone, automate the lights, manage them, control the curtains and program them to go down at the necessary time, lower or increase light intensity, etc.

5) Connection with the outside, with the garden. Undoubtedly, the pandemic promoted the construction of houses in spaces more linked to nature, and in each design to enhance the link with the outside, with nature, with the garden; It is one of the most important aspects to take into account. In this sense, the design of the garden and the house as a whole takes special relevance, thinking from the beginning what the garden will be seen from each space of the house and design it in this sense, taking into account the interior and exterior perspective.

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