5 tips to avoid making a mistake when choosing an architecture studio

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When there are many options of architects or construction, it is important to check some aspects to make sure you do not make a bad decision in the choice, more than ever not making the right decision can be very expensive.

Here I leave 5 tips to avoid making a mistake when choosing an architecture studio

  • Minimum 10 years of proven experience in the market. At first glance at the market, you can see a large number of independent architects or builders, but staying in the market working at a good level is the most complicated thing because if you do things wrong in such a small environment, you know. It is important to verify the houses built, ask for references and visit some.
  • Proven knowledge in various construction systems. The implementation of the most appropriate construction system may depend on several factors such as the capital available, the aesthetics that you want to achieve or the place and the land where you want to build; To make the best decision in the implementation of the system, it is convenient to manage or have experience in various systems.
  • Detailed initial budget in heading. It is very common to talk about the cost of m2 without taking into account the characteristics and definition of the home. Giving a fixed price per m2 is not serious if a project or a construction report has not been developed. What is included and what is not? It is advisable to first specify a project with an architecture studio and then quote all the items in detail and when compared with other budgets, compare the same item.
  • Visualization with virtual tour of architecture projects. It is highly recommended to visualize what is going to be built in images or virtual tours, both exterior and interior, of the house to be built so as not to be surprised or to change and define the executive project as much as possible before starting the work. It is understandable and very often it happens that clients who are not used to reading two-dimensional plans such as plans, facades and sections do not correctly visualize what is going to be done and even imagine something else, and realizing it later is very expensive.

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