5 tips to make your home cheaper without lowering the construction quality

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1) Try to minimize circulation spaces. Sometimes there are circulation spaces that can be eliminated by reconsidering the location of rooms. These spaces count as square meters of construction and in some cases can be eliminated.

2) Use prefabricated materials in some construction solutions to lower costs. This does not mean building the entire house with a dry system, if you prefer traditional construction you can build with a mixed system, combining traditional construction with prefabricated systems. We can save time, wages and BPS, remember that the fewer wages we use per m2, the less BPS we have to pay. Thus we can make interior plaster partitions, hidden foam panel covers with plaster ceilings, among others.

3) You can save on building materials in the following ways. Expect great deals to buy all the materials, there are dates that make 20 to 30% off. There are places where you can buy discounts on certain liners that are of good quality and are available at a lower price. Freeze material prices in  la barraca at the beginning of the works.

4) Before starting the construction of your home, have the project well defined and the executive project ready to minimize unforeseen work events.

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