4 strategies to avoid going over the work budget

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1) One of the first strategies is to have a project that is as well defined as possible, that is, to pass the preliminary project stage and have a well-detailed executive project. Starting the work ahead of time without the proper documentation will surely bring more unforeseen events, more construction errors that will cause additional costs not estimated. It is better to wait to define and understand every detail than to start earlier.

2) Obviously, to start with, you must have a detailed budget with all the headings to determine the budget as accurately as possible. 

3) It is always convenient to follow and force yourself to respect the prices of the budget made, not to think that if we go out of an area a little later it will not matter, many 

4) The implementation of the work is often poorly estimated, be careful; surveyor, cleaning, filling, compacting, services, construction sites, fencing, etc; are often not adequately considered.

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